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How to Join the Geha Research Group

  • Yale Undergraduates:   Yale undergraduate students often do original research during their time at Yale. Yale provides many opportunities for research funding, including the STARS program and summer funding available through each residential college. Pre-freshman are encouraged to apply for the Prospectives of Science program.  Undergraduate students in our group have typically taken Astronomy 255 or equivalent and have some computer programming experience.   Please contact Professor Geha for current opportunities. 
  • Graduate Students:   Please contact for first year observing projects. 
  • Postdoctoral Researchers: Yale provides excellent support for externally-funded fellowships (e.g., Hubble or NSF AAP Fellows), and the Geha group is happy to host such fellows. The YCAA Prize Fellowship provides funding for fellows at Yale, and such fellows are welcome to join the Geha group. Additionally, postdocs are hired directly by the group as funding allows.

Links for New and Incoming Members

  • Expectations:   A detailed description of expectations and the philosophy of research from Kay Tye.  I strongly support the ideas expressed on this page.
  • Yale Postdoc GuideHandbook for incoming postdocs, good information for incoming graduates student as well.
  • Resources:   Listing of computing, telescope and career resources.
  • Getting Started:  Undergraduate and graduate students starting research with the group are asked to complete the two homework problems available on the ASTR 530 class website:  Isochrone fitting, HW#2, problem 3 and Using the Besancon models, HW#3 problem 7.
  • The Cupcake Rule: Any member of the Geha group who posts a journal article as a lead author on astro-ph is entitled to homemade cupcakes at the following group meeting.